by Johnny Skilsaw

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Years back, for a fleeting moment I had the best Band in NYC.

No joke

Johnny Skilsaw is/was a unique NYC band most active in the mid 90s centered around music conceived on my Swiss Army Bass (more about that here

We performed at any and every NYC club, through various incarnations especially CBGB and Brownies,, freaking out unsuspecting audiences with indefinable,exacting, controlled musical chaos.

The band finally became quite successful with the lineup that included Nick DiCorato (drums) and Mark Hutchins ("Octopussy") gaining the attention and assistance of music luminaries such legendary record producer Jack Douglas. We had a real management/production deal and things in place to do all sorts of fun stuff make it so you could hear this record.

We signed with Tag/Atlantic in early 96 -Yes indeed, a dream come true. Unfortunately mere months after we signed the Tag imprint was discontinued due to a corporate merger.
Another ill fated deal went down with Wild Pitch Records in '98 for the second album "Blood Lead". Wild Pitch also folded - thus the bands two LPs were never formally released ....
....and the world moved on.

Tragically Nick Dicorato died in 1999 and Mark Hutchins later in 2016, both leaving a trails of countless loved ones who desperately miss them. One couldn't hope for two better guys and great musicians to be in a band with. They're completely irreplaceable both as friends and musicians. We went through virtually every dream and nightmare a band could possibly have. We were only ever successful enough to be recognized and signed because because of each of their individual skills as musicians and hard work as band members. I could literally write a book.

Stuffed And Motorized was recorded at various studios in and around NYC including the one I lived in and maintained. It was created admits nonstop chaos of playing scores and scores of gigs to larger and larger crowds and endless all night recording/mix sessions that didn't end until well into the next day. There wasn't a single bar in the east village that we couldn't and didn't drink for free when we weren't rehearsing or working on this record. The drama was high and cast of characters and situations surrounding us while trying to navigate or way through the music industry was extreme. I'm exhausted just sitting here thinking about it let alone trying to describe it.

I've recently gotten around to explore and field alternate versions of songs we recorded for the album that were dis-guarded back at the time in the interest of making a deadline imposed by the record label. I came across a slew of drastically better versions of tracks including "Something Bad" through to the last track "Cornucopia Of Pain" and remixed them.

I had a bitter/sweet time going through this and working on it. Every nuance bringing to vivid memory the intensity and passion Nick, Mark and I held.
I dare say our record holds up well. We put our hearts and souls into every note. I hope and wish more people get a chance to hear it.


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released September 26, 2017

Jay Wasco- Swiss Army Bass, Vocals, Feedback. (The Swiss Army Bass: Simultaneous bass guitar and keyboards)
Nick Dicorato- Drums
Mark Huchins- The Octapussy, Percussion, drums & Backing Vocals. (The Octapussy is a home grown sample trigger device made
of destroyed drum hardware & vacuum hose)

All songs written by Jay Wasco except "I Am The Walrus" - Lennon/McCartney "Death Of A Cynic" Wasco/Patterson "Bottle" Wasco/DiCorato.
Produced, mixed & engineered by Jay and Mark.. Additional Engineering by Ray Martin. Recorded at Shelter Island Sound, Hermit Village and Excello in NYC Circa 95/96. Mastered at Sterling Sound by George Marino, assisted by Jack Douglas and Steve Addabbo. Some tracks reanimated, re-cut, re-mixed re-tweaked and Enhanced in post by JW (this LP truly is "Stuffed And Motorized") CD Cover art and design by JW. Raw sculpture photo (tray) as well as group "Dudes" shot to by Michael Halsband . Executive Producer: Ron Fierstein.

Peace and love to the memory of Nick DiCorato & Mark Hutchins


all rights reserved



Jay Wasco New York, New York

Surviving member of Johnny Skilsaw- Most Jay Wasco Music downloads & info available at :

Re-mastered& new tracks coming soon to Bandcamp

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Track Name: Something Bad
Something Bad

People want to see
Something Bad
Something horrifying terrible and mean

Would you bring me up to speed?
Cause the corn is black
Your eyes are blackening and your attention’s

Back in a squozen tube
To rescue you from the bends
To save you from your making friends

People want to see
Something black
And I've been reckoning about the camels back

And the dog that spurs you on
Is one bad dog
And I've been reckoning about that bad dog
Walking all over you
And selling you out again
Look up and cut that rope my friend

Aren't you tired of hanging?
Aren’t you tired to death?
Aren't you tired of hanging?
Being hung to death

Cut the rope and come back to us
Cut the rope and come down
Track Name: Fat Man
Fat Man

When the Fat Man comes
All the music gets left for dead
Oh no

Big and sad and hollow
The work in progress of a blossoming saint with his tuba slung around
And around round-round-round
Gotta roll

Bigger fish to swallow
Take a meeting in the conference room about popsicles and ghosts
And the big words fly and the fat man has to roll

Gotta roll
Uh Oh-Oh NO

Biting down doing donuts round the other guy
Gotta roll

(from Bram Stokers novel "Dracula")

"The branch of wild rose on his coffin
keep him that he not move from it
and as for the stake we know already of it's peace
or the cut off head that giveith rest"

Copyright Jay Wasco
Track Name: Death Of A Cynic
Death Of A Cynic

And the cynic dies today
A hapless victim we can't save
He scoffed and sneered his life away
Throwing stones and digging graves

He don't know where to go

And their shovels pierce the ground
As he watches through a wall of stone
Fences fade to rust
Headstones and epitaphs fly to dust

He don’t know where to go

Driving him into the ground

And the family gathers 'round
And puts the cynic in the cold, cold ground
With words he couldn't say
His heart fills with sadness as they drive away

Forgive forget about
Forgive forget about it anyway
Forgive forget about
Forget about the things he couldn't say

I can't forget about the things he couldn't say
I can't forgive all of the things we couldn't say

Driving him into the ground

Copyright 2004 Wasco/Patterson
Track Name: Swollen Ocean
Swollen Ocean

Thirteen years on the swollen ocean
Longest stretch that my eyes have ever seen
Epileprosy in slow motion
Padded walls that are staggered at the seams

Blood in the swollen ocean
Blood in the swollen sea

Had a dream my right hand was severed
Had a dream that my daddy's grave got robbed
His bones were plastic
His heart was missing
Fishing hard 'round the strange humor of God

Blood in the swollen ocean
Blood in the swollen sea

coppyright 2004 Jay Wasco
Track Name: Lockjaw

Serrated edges of her venomous sequesters wanna play


She's the one who makes me green
Her hubris runs cold and dry
She makes unwitting poets die

She cuts the corners off the plastic bag and licks her hate away

She's the one who makes me green
Her melted skin and butter eyes
Stumbelina's out to die


She mutilates herself because she knows it's hopeless anyway
Her melted skin and butter eyes
She went for broke and left us dry

Quick trip
Drip drip
Fast sip
Last drip

Give her more

Quick straw
Last call ya'll
Free fall

Through the floor...

Track Name: Bottle

Eyes never too far from that bottle
I'ze never too far from that bottle

There's something in the water that is making all the happy campers smile, all Day

There's something in the water that is making all the happy campers
Sleep this mess away

We slip away into oblivion
And we spin and we spin
Like a bubble in the wind
Into the azure sky

We lift our feet into oblivion
And we swim and we swim
On the lazy summer wind
Into the azure sky

Sleep it away away away away away
And the moonlight shines
On those who pay to see the moon
And the starlight hurts my eyes

Eyes never too far from that bottle
I'ze never too far from that bottle

There's something in the water that is making all the happy campers smile

There's something in the water that is making everybody want to
sleep this mess away.
Track Name: All The Impossible
All the Impossible

I drift my doppelganger to her side
Drifting seamlessly on off into her case

All the impossiblee

I turn invisible and stretch myself across the city through her door

Through the entourage of swans and red herring

All the impossible

I see her shifting in her sleep as I come swoop down low

The dreams come bubbling from her head creating figure eights of gold

The door swings open, time to sober up, her husband’s home, I think I hear her baby crying

Gonna have to pave my own way, back to sleep

All the Impossible

Copyright 2004 Jay Wasco
Track Name: Midnight Dragon
Midnight Dragon

Midnight Dragon staggering far and wide
Side to side
End of the wagon ride
Cutting it up into hundreds of thousands
Of tiny pieces of green' pieces of red
Pieces of gold
Sold for a dollar fifty-nine
To the fuzzy handsome couple with the swollen brains
Remains will be sprinkled out the driver's side window of a speeding El Camino in the left lane


Just kiss it away

I fucked it up
I spun out
Pour the concrete in my mouth
Ship me out of here
There's a special reserve
For autistic, Cycloptic psychotic mystics
And runners up in the Special Olympics

Ode to be oblivious to what you want from me now
Track Name: A Cornucopia Of Pain
A Cornucopia of Pain

Well I woke up feeling small
Beat my head against the dirt
But it never seems to harm enough

Smashed my fingers in the door
But it always leaves me
Jonesing for the kind of pain
The world can spill

I left my house today
in search of all the sorrow I could get

A cornucopia of pain
A cornucopia of viciously excruciating pain

So I went out with a frown
Staring at the hopeless cement boxes all about.

I'm so sad and fucking old

Everything they said to me
Never made it through the din

I'm heading home tonight
In search of all the horror
That I could get

A cornucopia of pain

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